Thursday, December 6, 2007

This is knows as "sangin" (Byonet). This was used in front to the mouth of old days guns. In case if gun is out of bullet, then byonet was used to kill.

This is know as "Wagh Nakh" (tiger nail). This can be used to tear off enemys stomach and muscular part. But need to be close enough to enemy

There is very famous story related to this "tiger nail". Maratha king took down mughal king "afzal khan" who was more than 6 feet with this small deadly weapon

This is old tradition to use this weapon, and sign of prestige popularly know as "Gupti" and can be hidden under some stick

This could be hidden in stick, and use when needed. Mostly used for self protection

This old ancient days weapon was mostly used "Maratha warriors". It was small yet powerful and poisonous weapon. On either side of the shield two poisoned horns were used to attack and also for defence

This weapon "Madu" is small but needed lot of practice to handle it. It is basically used in fast fights, where fighters were very energetic.